Manage data in one place


Proactive Community Monitoring

It allows you to connect with people regardless where they are at any given time using the latest technology available on hand.

It maintains a repository of people health status, giving people the ability to monitor each other individually. As a result, each individual is better informed about each others security and safety needs. This improved people feedback mechanism service leads to increased people sense of security.


Decision Support System.

People can connect with the system on a single platform whether online via portal or app.

Allows monitoring of resources and how they are delivered on via GIS system. This system will take the burden of separately monitoring allocations and real time feeds result back. Data can be mined in real time and dashboards are updated as processes happen on the ground. With real time data being monitored, decision making can be made easily and accurately as the needs arises based on the data accumulated.


Improved Analytical Data and Reporting

iPas PH systems store information in one place which improves the analyzing of data as a whole.

It allows you to generate automatic reports and dashboard views to quickly locate information needed such as people movement history, delivery of allocations, and people behavioral information but maintaining individuals data privacy. Better reporting data means you will be able to make effective decisions and improve people confidence in the long run.

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